I can’t explain it, but I think something finally “clicked” inside me, and I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that my subconscious is changing from spender to saver. While I haven’t been perfect in the last few days, I haven’t touched any of the money in my emergency fund since changing my phone plan, and the internal voices that scream at me to spend spend spend are quieting. I find myself not having to fight so hard against them.

Last night I had a rare hour of alone time when oddly both of my children went sweetly to sleep without the usual back and forth, constantly getting out of bed, and testing the limits.

I was able to not only read a bit of the book, “Clutterfree with Kids” by Joshua Becker, but to really focus on what I was reading, and one passage jumped out at me. He spoke about adopting a traveller’s mindset, “When we travel, we take only what we need for the journey. As a result, we feel lighter, freer, more flexible.”

It’s funny that I never really thought about the mindset we have when we travel. We’re leaving our homes, the familiar and the comfortable, but it’s not scary or daunting. It’s exciting. We know that for the time we’re gone, we’re not going to have access to our computer, can-opener, jewelry box, comfy couch, or most of the things we think we need. And we’re okay with that because travelling is about getting outside, seeing things you’ve never seen before, and embracing the culture (food, music, art, personal interactions) of others.

The things you do bring on your journey are usually so few; your favourite outfits, basic hygiene products, and a camera because you know you’re looking for adventure and you’re probably going to find it. How many of us could use a little more adventure in our lives?

I know it’s not possible to be on a constant vacation, we have jobs, bills and responsibilities, but Becker writes that in our everyday lives we should strive to “Adopt a mindset that seeks to carry only what you need for the journey.”

That’s what I want in my life, the feelings of freedom and space, unburdened by the possessions I keep because “I may need it one day” or “it was a gift and they might notice if it’s gone.” I want simplicity, to be surrounded by things that bring me joy, and to spend my time playing with my family or outside exploring the world around me.


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