I had to spend some of my emergency-fund money today.

Well, I didn’t have to, but I’ve rationalized that it was for a good cause.

For years, I have been paying way too much for my husband and my cell phones. The amount per month is just gross, $220! (though, that does include a $10 monthly donation to the local children’s hospital and $10 for a music streaming service that my husband claims he “uses all the time”). Still, $200 is literally more than my Internet ($70), power ($70), life insurance ($28), and bank fees ($15) combined!

I can’t believe I let it be so high for so long, like 5 years, but it was very hard to lower. In fact, I tried to lower it a few months ago by getting a smaller data plan, but that was just a mistake because we ended up going over the data limit and being charged pretty much what the bill used to be. So today, I decided to get drastic.

I have completely given up the data on my phone, switching to just basic talk and text, and it’s going to save me $60 per month. And I’m going to try very hard this week to get my husband to give up his music streaming to save another $10. I know $10 doesn’t seem like much, but if someone said to me “Buy this music streaming for $120/year” I’d be like “heck no, I’ll find a free version.”

But back to my spending some money today: it wasn’t free to drop my data. I still owed $210 towards my phone that would be paid off monthly if I kept the same plan, but since I wanted to change, I had to pay that out. But now that I save $60/month, it’ll be worth it in just three and a half months.

All these little cuts add up, and I think lowering our fixed expenses is sort of like a round-about way of contributing to our emergency fund, because if my husband ever lost or left his job I won’t be stuck having to scrounge to pay stupidly high bills.


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